The Importance of Goal Setting

The ability to set goals makes an enormous contribution to the success of an individual. Most successful people are goal-orientated. They take time to identify what it is that they want and they build up a really clear and detailed picture of what achieving the goal will look and feel like. They then take regular action to move towards their goal.
Sounds simple enough right? Well it is when you have the right tools and techniques to guide you.
Step 1 towards setting and achieving a goal is to decide what it is you really want and then write it down. If you don’t know why you want to achieve your goal and you can’t imagine what you will feel, see and hear when you have achieved your goal, you’re less likely to be able to tap in to the motivation required to complete the goal.
A good goal must be: ‘SMART’ that is it must be; Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Timed. A great acronym to remember to keep you on track with goal success!

Here are some great questions to ask yourself when thinking about your goals:

•    Are you in the habit of setting goals for yourself?
•    Do you have a life plan?
•    In what ways do you work towards your goals constantly?
•    Do you find your goals hard to achieve and get despondent?
•    Are your goals positive statements of intent?
•    How committed are you to the goal?
•    Are you already a high achieving goal getter?
Top tips for successful goal setting and achievement:

1. Write down your goal and refer to it every day – Research has shown that people who write down their goal or draw a picture of it or make a collage/vision board are more likely to achieve that which they desire.

2. Break your ultimate goal in to small chunks and take little steps – Taking steps every day, even small ones, will help you to reach your ultimate goal.

3. Replace negative emotions – Replace negative feelings and doubts with inspirational energy. Keep a detailed picture of the end result being achieved always in your mind especially when you are having a difficult day. Keep yourself excited by imagining the positive emotions you will be experiencing.

5. Be aware of the benefits of achieving success – Looking at the desire behind the goal, knowing why you want the goal and considering the benefits of the goal will give the goal intensity and will make it more likely to be achieved.

6. Have a plan – Once you decide what you want, then decide on a plan and take consistent action on it. It is essential that you take action on your plan otherwise your goal will never be manifested. It’s a simple concept that many forget!

7. Be accountable – Find someone who will make you accountable for your actions, someone who will support you, encourage you and gently challenge you. It’s always great to have your own personal cheerleader in life, someone who is positive and on your side.

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