I Want to Break Free – Part 3

In our final blog on breaking out of your comfort zone we look at how to make change permanent and how to project forward to help create movement and sustain momentum.  Our last 2 blogs focused on how to build a change habit, initiate change and make that first step.  Hopefully you’ve been practicing that with some small changes of your own.  The current Dubai 30×30 fitness challenge has certainly got me making some small changes myself.

So how can I make these changes stick?

To help you sustain any change we have 2 great techniques to use.

First of all be active, not passive.  Are you actively playing in the game, or are you watching from the sofa?  Breaking free of your comfort zone, making a change and sustaining it is hard work.  Don’t expect to sit down and watch this happen from the comfort of your office chair.  Make sure you are an active participant, not a casual observer.  Take ownership of the change.

Project outward.  Think about the change you are making and how things will look in 5 years’ time if you don’t take action and sustain the changes.  What if your target is to save enough money for the deposit on an apartment.  If you don’t start saving now, and sustain that change, what would the impact be?  If you want to lose 10kg but don’t take action and change your diet, what would the impact be?

This is a bit like negative goal setting but it can be a powerful driver to get you moving and help keep you on track.

The Art of Living Uncomfortably

Living a comfortable life is often a goal that people aspire to.  We would recommend the opposite.  Aspire to an uncomfortable life were you are constantly challenging yourself to do something different, learn something new, do something better, faster or simply move in a different direction.  As Mark Twain said, “Do that which you fear most”.

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